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Video Production

Short Documentary

Originally created as part of a mock BBC Three trailer for my A-Level Media Studies coursework, the project turned into an extra-curricular interest. I contacted Justin, a participant of Channel 4's "The Undateables" to see if he was interested in making a film. He responded telling me that he was interested in making a film to promote a charity he chairs known as "The V.I.P Lounge". The charity assists people with visual impairments throughout the nation, offering support and social events for those affected.

The film was recorded over a short weekend in which I travelled to and stayed in Coventry's city centre to obtain footage of "loungers" participating in social events. The film was my first experience of creating a "fly on the wall" documentary, only being 17 years old at the time. I spent the majority of my first day getting to know the people I was filming in order to break the ice and make the camera feel less forced upon the participants of the video. The music used in the project was produced by myself.