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About Me

My name is Joel and I am a freelance producer of video, still images, websites and music. I am currently studying for a Masters in Media Production to consolidate and further my knowledge in the field. I began working freelance at the age of 14 and have since worked on projects for businesses including Trifibre Ltd, R.M Baits, Droitwich Angling Centre, Tutti Rouge and Auto-Matic Driving Academy. I've worked with a newly found charity called "The V.I.P Lounge" and have even worked on jobs for the NHS.

In 2017, I completed a 6 month internship with Demon Media as their Web Developer which allowed me to work with Wordpress on a consistent basis and create one off web pages for annual events. I also maintained current pages and updated content to make sure the sites were always relevant.

In 2018, I experienced what it was like to work in the television industry by running on BBC One's "The Big Questions" and shadowing the team at North One Television as they went through pre and post-production processes for The Gadget Show, Travel Man and Guy Martin series. I also assisted Third Ear Music in creating online video and still image content for their work with Tin Men And The Telephone. After this experience, I helped Third Ear visualise a new website for their content and materialised this for them.

In 2019, I have worked on various documentary projects that have sourced contributors internationally. You can hear these documentaries and podcasts at