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Video Production

Promotional Web Video

The brief of this project was to produce a video to be used on Trifibre Ltd's website. The video was to echo the design process and reinforce the technology owned by the company.

This was achieved by working with the management director and other members of the board to capture the factory's collection of high tech equipment and factory floor workers. The video was recorded with a Blackmagic Production Camera which lent itself to high quality colour correction in DaVinci Resolve. Tracking shots were achieved with the use of a dolly in order to make the video feel more dynamic and energetic.

A basic lighting set with a soft box was used for the interview shot with Chris Cox to overcome a lack of natural lighting in the room. Audio was also recorded on a separate microphone and Zoom recorder for a higher quality recording. This was especially important as factory workers passing through a nearby door were exposing the shot to significant background noise which was significantly reduced in the final audio.