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Video Production

Short Film

The original intent of this project was to be used as part of my A-level Film Studies coursework when I was 17 years old. This project was then suggested by my teacher as an entry for a nationwide film competition for academy schools (Pixl). The film made it into the 6 nominations out of 130 entries that were to be shown in Westminster, London.

The film portrays the story of an elderly father with dementia who lives in his memories. Although his daughter pays him a visit, he isn't entirely aware of what is happening or even who she is.

The film was shot on a Canon 600D and a GoPro Hero 4 over the course of a week. The trucking shots of the motorbike were achieved by attaching the GoPro to my car bonnet and driving alongside the actor. This was a truly enjoyable project to work on as it allowed me to be creative with my choice of music and shot variety.